Counselling fees

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Initial Consultation £50.00

Ongoing individual therapy £50.00

Ongoing couple therapy £60.00

*concessions available–please contact me for further details.

Initial Consultation

Before you engage in ongoing therapy I carry out a 50-minute session to get a feel of the therapy I will be offering and for you to explore with me what has brought you to therapy looking at what changes you would like to make to move forwards in a more growthful direction, following this session we can discuss ongoing appointments.


Individual Therapy

Together we can explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours which have caused you distress. I can give you tools to change your current behaviour to move forwards gaining self-awareness.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help resolve conflicts, explore intimacy issues, and build communication and stronger connections. As part of the couple’s process, I will also see you for a session individually to give you space away from your partner to explore how you are feeling in your current relationship, looking at what changes you would like to make to grow together and look at any issues which may have caused you to disconnect from your partner.


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